Thursday, January 5, 2017


2016 was the 1st year I had experience with "One Little Word." I had been introduced to it by a christian lady I met online. Since that time I have seen it in several forums around the net but each had their own unique spin to it. Some christian, some not. While doing my research on this I found that the phrase "One Little Word" has been registered. Since I don't know if it would be a violation of copyright laws to use that term I choose to go the safest route.

We have a section in our forum called "God's One Word." If you have a word or scripture or phrase that the Lord has given you for 2017 then we invite you to come share with us. If you don't have one and would like to see what it is all about come join us as we explore and learn together what the Lord has for us in 2017. You can join us by clicking the link on the right side of this page under the invitation.